"we movin' on up in the world like elevators..." - Outkast


The Mission

Elevators is a social enterprise company committed to the inclusion and advancement of People of Color in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The organization produces events that build solidarity and capacity within entrepreneurial and creative communities of color. Elevators also advises organizations on engaging with these communities.

Inspired by the Outkast song of the same name, Elevators was borne from the frustration of the lack of affirmative inclusion by established organizations. Instead of continuing to complain, we decided to create what we wanted to see.

Our effectiveness is hinged on the fact that we appropriately center Culture in all our activities. Our genuine understanding of and participation in various communities allows for a trust and intimacy not found with other firms. 

in other words, we do it for the culture. 



The 4th

Birmingham’s Fourth Avenue Historic District is one of the only Black Business Districts that remains intact in the state of Alabama. During the era of segregation, this area was bustling with activity. Goods, services, and entertainment were available to all strata of Birmingham’s Black Society. We at Elevators are ever inspired by this heritage.

Fourth Avenue Logo.png